Balrogs. The great elfbanes. Among the most feared creatures of Middle-earth. Which is why it’s fitting that discussions of their wings (or lack thereof) should be the bane of usenet groups, irc chats and online forums everywhere — sending some rushing for their sourcebooks and others frantically scuttle for cover.

“The Balrog made no answer. The fire in it seemed to die, but the darkness grew. It stepped forward slowly on to the bridge, and suddenly it drew itself up to a great height, and its wings were spread from wall to wall…” Fellowship of the Ring, Book II, Ch V, The Bridge of Khazad-dum.

This weekend in Hall of Fire,’s intrepid staff are set to delve — possibly too deeply — into this fraught question: do Balrogs have wings? (And do they fly?)

What do yo think? Why? Join us this Saturday April 9 from 6pm EDT in #thehalloffire on our chat server ( where we’ll attempt to find some sort of consensus over one of the most contentious debates of the Middle-earth legendarium.

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