If you fell for our April Fool’s yesterday, don’t feel too bad. We included a long standing rumor of Saoirse Ronan as Itaril to help convince you the release was ‘real.’ As we all know, Saoirse has been talking about her possible role as Itaril the elf for a few months. The latest piece of evidence that she is in fact already cast comes from the latest issue of Total Film magazine. In the ‘Buzz’ section, Total Film interviews Saoirse Ronan and asks…

You’re just about to start shooting The Hobbit – how long have you known that you might be in it?

When I did The lovely Bones, they said, “We want you to be in The Hobbit.” I love the book. It’d be so cool to go back to New Zealand Again.

The question is pretty clear she is cast and she doesn’t refute it in the answer. Just another piece of evidence that we will see Saoirse in The Hobbit. But will she be the created role of Itaril? Another role? We won’t know until the real official press release. Thanks to Ringer TheArcher777 for sending in a scan of the interview for your viewing pleasure. Share your thoughts and opinion in our comments, forum and on facebook! [Scan of Interview] [Total Film]


  1. Stig Oien

    Cool read, but Sur-shur? Really, that’s how it’s pronounced?

    • Yeah, in gaelic ‘se’ and ‘si’ combination are pronounced ‘sh’. That’s why Siobhan is pronounced ‘Shivan’. Hope that helps! 😀

    • Blair

      her name is pronounced SER-SHA.

    • Blair

      her name is pronounced SER-SHA.

    • Blair

      her name is pronounced SER-SHA.

  2. fingolfin

    In all these interviews she always talks like she’d like to do it but nothing has actually happened yet. I really hope it doesn’t happen

  3. Ereg

    I’m fine if she’s in it. I AM NOT FINE if she’s the previously described Itaril. I don’t care if she says she loves the book, what kind of Tolkien/Hobbit fan compromises the integrity of the film just so she can be in it? Who’s more important, you or Tolkien? I’m not a “purist” in that I understand what it takes to adapt a book to film, but creating such an un-Tolkien add-on for partiality to an actress? I hope I’m shamed and it turns out great, and I’m probably being too judgmental, but I fear for the quality of the films. Prove me wrong, Sir Pete!

    • John

      Peter Jackson: “Ereg, I want you to be in The Hobbit. It’s a made up character.”

      Ereg:”No way. It’ll compromise it.”

      Yea right.

  4. Tauriel

    Actually, she doesn’t confirm anything. Just that she’d love to be in the film (and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?).

    • Riley

      Actually, she said THEY want her to be in the film.

  5. Anonymous

    “When I did The Lovely Bones”… that’s quite some time ago, isn’t it? Things might change a lot in that span.

  6. Joe

    The Hobbit is not a love story and shouldnt be manipulated to be one just to increase box office revenue!

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