In an article written by Tony DiTerlizzi for The LA Times, we get a rare glimpse at what could have been the 30th Anniversary Edition of The Hobbit, illustrated by renowned artist Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are). But with thanks to a mislabeling error by an editor, and Sendak’s first heart attack, then project never came to fruition. A great read for the start of the week.  [Read on]


  1. Anonymous


  2. Aww, that is very sad! I quite like the illustration I see there. I think Sendak would have done a really good job; it definitely would have upped my appreciation and ideas of Hobbit at 13 (instead of the visually inaccurate movie). *pines*

  3. hobby

    This sketch has an nineteenth century feel about it. I could have almost sworn that the person depicted as Bilbo Baggins in this caricature was none other than George IV.

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