The long road to ‘The Hobbit’ filming was full of hurdles. And sometimes, it seems those of us whom report on the topic are downright anxious to raise the alarm when another possible ‘hurdle’ presents itself. Local NZ sources are reporting that the the permission by the Matamata-Piako District Council to film on the land where the Hobbiton set is built will run out by the end of April. Obviously with the start of filming being delayed for a variety of reasons, the most recent PJ’s hospital stay, that time frame is going to have to be adjusted. Is there a soul out there who actually believes the local council is not going to approve an extension? Ultimately, the production company will apply for an extension and it will be granted. Not too worry. With that said, here are links to two articles on the topic.  [Article 1] [Article 2]


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    This story is full of grammatical errors…

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