On a new interview with Collider.com, Liv Tyler was asked if she might return for even a small part in The Hobbit.  Considering many previous Lord Of The Rings characters were returning (including some not in the book) there has been speculation as to a potential appearance by Arwen.   

Alas, that likely is not the case.  “I haven’t heard from anybody” was her reply.  Informed there would be additional casting yet to come for the film, she  wasn’t optimistic on her chances.  She did express fond wishes to join old friends and colleagues and said she would “love to go back to New Zealand”.  The gift of foresight was lacking however as she was genuinely surprised to hear that filming started today.

For fans, Lord Of The Rings may be the last (and only) journey for Arwen Undomiel.  However, Peter Jackson and company are known to tweek scripts and add new ideas as filming rolls on.  So with more casting announcements coming down the pike, stay tuned to TORN for the latest updates throughout the production!