frodowen writes: I’m backpacking in NZ right now and recently did the Hobbiton set tour in Matamata. I saw a while back that you reported they were closed, but since the filmed was pushed back due to PJ being in hospital it’s been reopened. Well, because they should have been filming right now, the set is PERFECT. All the hobbit holes are complete, there is fruit on the trees and flowers in the gardens – it is like being in the Shire. They even have the (fake) tree above Bag End, and have expanded the set to include more hobbit holes than they used in LOTR. I can’t post pictures of course due to confidentiality contracts we had to sign, but I thought you might like to let other fans in the area know that now is would be a really great time to visit. It’s well worth the tour fee to see the set as it is now.