1. I think he meant that he met with Martin Freeman (Bilbo)

  2. I think he just meant he met Martin Freeman in the flesh today. Ian’s version of 3D is The Real World. I’m with him on that.

  3. Tauriel

    Ah, but it might mean that he saw Martin Freeman in full Bilbo costume and make-up! 😉

  4. Jasonguill

    Man alive! I cant wait for two years to pass so I can park my tukus in a Theater seat and watch these films. I keep up with the daily’s everyday. Looking forward to some production pics.

  5. frank white

    prolly real deal 3d
    they must have shot some 3d sample footage

  6. Monkey

    Thanks for pointing that out chaps……

  7. Josephus

    More than just meeting Martin Freeman, I’m wondering if he meant he saw Freeman as Bilbo; make-up, prosthetics, costume, and all.

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