WELLINGTON, New Zealand – A strong, 6.3-magnitude earthquake rocked the southern New Zealand city of Christchurch on Tuesday, seriously injuring people and damaging buildings throughout the city. Police said there were reports of multiple fatalities, but Prime Minister John Key told Parliament details were still too shaky for those reports to be confirmed. Live video footage showed parts of buildings collapsed into the streets, which were strewn with bricks and shattered concrete. Sidewalks and roads were cracked and split, and hundreds of dazed, screaming and crying residents wandered through the streets as sirens blared throughout the city. More..


  1. LOTRocks

    Is this near their film location. Will it destroy sets/delay film further???

  2. Elfedeseaux

    Hope people there are Ok! and that everybody working on the production is ok…. Imagine if they needed to re-cast! in this case, there really would be a malediction on the movie! BUt no, um… I hope everybody’s received the help needed out there.

  3. Willillustration

    This is a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in New Zealand right now, especially any of the people that are still unaccounted for or who are waiting to hear about their loved ones. Is there anything that people outside the country can do to help in anyway? If TORN get’s any information on that I’d like to do whatever I can to help. And I hope this doesn’t sound callous, but is everyone on the hobbit production okay? Do they have any family in the middle of this? Again, I hope that doesn’t come off the wrong way, it’s just that you react to what you can relate to when you’re faced with information as horrendous as this. What ever this means for a movie, I just wish all the best for the people that are actually dealing with this.

    • Anonymous

      I echo your concerns for all those affected and hope we can help in some way.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope everyone that can be helped is, my thoughts are with my cousins in Christchurch and Wellington.

  5. Anonymous

    UK Emergency Shelter Charity in Christchurch


    Australian Red Cross (NZ Red Cross website down at time of writing)


    New Zealand Red Cross


    Salvation Army Appeal For New Zealand Earthquake Victims (‘Canterbury Earthquake Appeal’)



  6. Lmcpferreira

    On the exact other side of the world (Portugal) we are on an earthquake sensitive area too. I hope people in New Zealand will find a way to overcome this suffering which has unfortunately afflicted them once again.

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