On this episode of Hobbit in 5 The Dwarves and Bilbo make there first press appearance since arriving in New Zealand a month ago. Also Sir Christopher Lee receives a Bafta Award, location scouting, character studies and much much more!

Ok so maybe it ran a little long this week but there was a lot to cover!

Rebekah has her own Facebook page now! Go check it out and “like” her!


  1. Kirtsch

    Maori is pronounced “Mowri” – rhymes with “cow-ri”

    • Joe

      Somebody needs to spend some time with her before taping each video segment to get the pronounciation of characters names and places right.

  2. Jenniearcheo

    Make “there” first press appearance? Really?

  3. TroyBoy

    Forum link isn’t working for me, anyone else?

  4. Australian XI

    “May-ori”? Wow. It just goes to show that you can put a cutie into a geek t-shirt each week, and film it, but it still doesn’t mean she’ll know what she’s talking about.

  5. can not wait to see THE HOBBIT!!! is so excited

  6. Asautter

    My gosh, do some homework and learn to pronounce characters and places correctly! The good professor is probably cringing in his grave when he hears the names of the dwarves butchered so badly!

  7. Rebekah should read the “Note on pronunciation” in Tolkien’s books.

  8. allan

    I don’t really mind so much the (mis)pronunciation of the names etc, she has her accent & I do think it’s a great service-plus she’s pretty cute too. But just the pronunciation of Smaug needs some work. The ‘au’ in Smaug should sound like in Sauron. The German sound au: ow as as in cow. See appendix E

    • Rachel

      As a female Lord of the Rings fan who has the accent that Rebekah has, it ain’t the accent. It’s ignorance.

      • allan

        Could well be Rachel, I just hope they don’t make the same mistake in the film & screw up the dragon’s name there. That’d be a major FU

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