The stark cone of Mt Ngauruhoe played a leading role in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, featuring as a smouldering Mt Doom.

Now, only five weeks out from the scheduled start of filming for The Hobbit prequel, local Maori are set to put their foot down and refuse permission for the Oscar-winning director to use the central North Island mountains again. The iwi considered them sacred.

In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins and his entourage journey through the Misty Mountains on their way to confront the dragon Smaug at the Lonely Mountain.

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  1. Jason

    With all due respect to these people…what right or dominion do they have over these mountains to prevent someone from filming them and using them in a movie? Or is this political correctness run amok again?

  2. Mikeyhavoc

    Its ironic how there seemed to be no issues last time filming was done at Mt Ngauruhoe, but this time round it is now too “Sacred”. I hope this is the case and they are not wanting some type of financial compensation, which would be considered “Bad Tapu” if this mountain is indeed sacred. It seems a little bit suspect to me :P.

  3. Someanna

    Pfft, they are not going to destroy the mountain, are they? Another ridiculous delay… “Dear universe…”

  4. Lisk18

    Sounds like bicameral man cant seem to understand reality. Yes. They are amazing “sacred” mountains, but mountains nevertheless. Let the film shoot there.

  5. Rosefolly

    Actually I think that using Mt Nguaruhoe would be a mistake. It is easily recognizable as Mount Doom, a volcano. I think that the Lonely Mountain should look quite different, a dramatic peak, but not a volcanic peak. New Zealand is rich in dramatic mountains that are not sacred to the Maori.

    In any case, the Maori are not picking on the movie industry in particular. They have been asking people to respect their sacred places for some years now, and on the whole, people have been respecting this. They actually own some of these places. (I don’t know if they own Mt Ngauruhoe or not, though.)

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