It’s likely that there will, indeed, be an official fan club set up for the Hobbit films. However, it’s also likely that it won’t be established for quite some time. To lend some perspective, the fan club for the Lord of the Rings films was established in 2001, only months before the opening of The Fellowship of the Rings, and the first issue of the magazine (the Jan/Feb 2002 issue) wasn’t published until after The Fellowship of the Ring opened. So, be patient and until then remember there are plenty of kindred spirits right here at TORn! Share your thoughts and views with them any time in our Barlimans Chator on our Hobbit Message Board.


  1. LBLT

    I hope Peter Jackson does not succumb to the pressure from former actors/actresses to be re-cast in this film. I want to see The Hobbit as Tolkien wrote it, not a 3 hour display of guest appearances from characters that never were intended to be in this story.

  2. Mhummer53

    How do I get notified of the Hobbit Fan Club?  I want to get the magazines again and have my name at the end of the credits , just like in The Lord of The Rings.

  3. Anonymous

    Same here!!!

  4. rideshorses

    My daughters want to be in the fan club and credits, like I was for the LOTR films.  They’re the next generation of Tolkien fans.  We’re having a hard time being patient! 

  5. Sweetness241

    same here! <3

  6. Misty-mountains

    I agree with everyone, when will the magazines come out and how will we we be notified.

  7. Eldrin

    Im so…. over joyed that putting this together. Me and a friend who is 6 foot 5 is going to be gandalf and im going to be bilbo on the midnight release!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dark Lord

      Thats so cool i was going to do the same thing

  8. Kyra Gorski

    I ran the biggest fan club chapter for the LoTR fan club……………just resurrected the District of Dark Whispers on Facebook in honor of the Hobbit movies!

  9. I hope so

  10. So, any news of this yet??

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