Peter Jackson has indicated as many cast members from the LOTR movies as the story and the actors’ schedules allow will be included. For a complete listing of cast members, please visit our Hobbit Movie Cast page [Cast Page] Many core actors are returning including, Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Andy Serkis as Gollum, Elijah Wood as Frodo Baggins, Christopher Lee as Saruman, and Orlando Bloom as Legolas. Per PJ: “You can read “The Hobbit” and pretty much see which characters play a part. The unknown factor is Film Two, which we are still developing. If we wished to write one of the LOTR characters into the narrative of Film Two, we would only do that with that actors blessing, and willingess to take part. Otherwise we’d take the writing in another direction.”


  1. Frodo? Legolas? I hope they won’t be shoe-horned into the story of The Hobbit itself…

    • guest

      Legolas is the son of the King of Mirkwood, so I think it likely we may see him there. I think Aaragorn should be in Rivendell during the timeline for the Hobbit, but it will be interesting to see.

  2. Aransan

    Isn’t Aragorn going to be involved in the hunt for the Ring?

  3. Atlas_mt01

    Thats dumb. Frodo wasn’t even alive during the Hobbit.  He wasn’t born till much later. 

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