We’re ecstatic today to be announcing a new feature on TheOneRing.net called ‘Hobbit in 5’. ‘Hobbit in 5’ brings you the latest news and rumors from TheOneRing.net in a convenient 5 minute HD video for you to digest and pass along to your friends! Check out the first episode and press release below, be sure to check back every Friday for a new episode. Subscribe to the YouTube channel and never miss a segment!

Press Release:
TheOneRing.net and Galatia Films Come Together to Produce Unique Online Experience with ‘Hobbit in 5’
All the news of TheOneRing.net condensed into 5 minute video segments available on all platforms.

January 24th, 2011 – TheOneRing.net and Galatia films have joined forces to produce ‘Hobbit in 5’, a weekly video series of Hobbit movie news.

“The staff at TheOneRing.net have been eager to get news out to as many people as possible, producing original online videos and hosting them on YouTube is the best way of going about it” says Michael Regina, editor-in-chief and co-founder of TheOneRing.net. “The video format provides a unique experience to our fan base, while new viewers can easily catch up with the latest news about The Hobbit Movie”. Galatia Films spokesman and Reclaiming the Blade director Daniel McNicoll co-produces the series with Regina.

“I’m excited to be working with Michael Regina and everyone over at TheOneRing.net, it’s a fantastic website and a great group of individuals who really know their stuff.” Reclaiming the Blade, a top documentary on iTunes and Netflix, was narrated by John Rhys-Davies and featured Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban, Richard Taylor and Weta Workshop.

Hosted by Rebekah Platt ‘Hobbit in 5’ covers all the latest news from TheOneRing.net including casting, production, behind the scenes information news and rumors. “Discovering our host Rebekah Platt was quite a process. We worked with everyone, from the former head of casting for CBS prime-time, to small local casting directors. Eventually we met Rebekah and knew she was just right for the job. She is a very good presenter and a big Tolkien/Hobbit fan.”

Hobbit in 5 segments are set to air every Friday on the custom YouTube Channel ‘hobbitin5’ (http://www.youtube.com/hobbitin5), episodes are available to be embedded on any website and across all platforms. Post production, graphics and additional support by View Digital Media, LLC.

‘Hobbit in 5’ is a co-production between TheOneRing.net and Galatia Films

About TheOneRing.net
Founded in 1999 by a group of like-minded Tolkien fans so anxious for the coming Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings films that they were gathering up every scrap of production information to be found, TheOneRing.net continues today in bringing fans the latest news on the beloved figures involved in the making of the wildly popular Lord of the Rings movies as well as the newest information available on upcoming productions, Tolkien-centered events, new publications, and fan gatherings.

Founders Michael Regina and Erica Challis started a small website publishing all the movie information they could get their hands on, including exclusive “spy” reports from Erica’s visits to the New Zealand set—activity that got her first escorted off the set, then graciously invited back to take an official look around and to meet Peter Jackson. Designer/coder Chris Pirrotta came across the site and asked if they would like some technical help to grow the site and make it a central web location for other fans eagerly awaiting word from the Jackson sets. He and William Thomas used their skill to do just that. With the addition of staff to explore the facts and themes of Tolkien’s written world, follow gaming developments, publish fan art and fan fiction, and answer fans’ questions, the site lived up in every way to its motto: Forged by and for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien.

In the years that followed, the site thrived and so did its unique relationship with Jackson’s production team—a relationship that enabled TORn to bring its readers some exclusive news and night-of-a-lifetime experiences including the famous Oscar parties that hosted the cast and crew after each Oscar-night victory, culminating in an incredible eleven-Oscar sweep for The Return of the King. Looking to the future with the support of its phenomenal community of fans, TheOneRing.net continues to be the most comprehensive Tolkien fan site on the web.

About Galatia Films
Galatia Films produces adventure documentaries, feature length movies and now web TV shows. The east coast based company includes writers, producers and technical people that have worked for various Hollywood studios and TV production companies including Warner Bros., BBC, The History Channel, ESPN, Sony, Disney and ABC. Galatia Films’ scope includes both history and fantasy bringing legends from the past vividly into the forefront of audience imaginations.

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