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MTV: EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Wood Reveals ‘The Hobbit’ Details!

January 21, 2011 at 12:13 pm by xoanon  - 

From Two weeks ago, news broke that Elijah Wood will be returning to Middle-Earth (a.k.a. New Zealand) as beloved Shire-dweller Frodo for a small role in Peter Jackson’s two-part “LOTR” prequel “The Hobbit” — and now MTV News has scored some exclusive details on the cameo from Wood himself.

While at the Sundance Film Festival to promote the Adam Yauch-directed Beastie Boys short “Fight for Your Right Revisited,” Wood opened up to MTV about why he’s excited for his “Hobbit” role, what it might entail and why J.R.R. Tolkein purists need not fret — or snarl like Gollum — at the idea of Frodo’s inclusion in the films (he wasn’t in the book). Check out the interview below.

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15 responses to “MTV: EXCLUSIVE: Elijah Wood Reveals ‘The Hobbit’ Details!”

  1. Batmccoy says:

    We already new this. There literally are no “details” beyond what we knew. Using the word “exclusive” in the headline of this story implies it’s TORN’s exclusive.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Seems pretty clear to me – it’s an MTV Exclusive. *shrug*

  3. Athiker07 says:

    Absurd. The rumor is that Frodo is reading the Red Book. When would he have done that? He gave it to Sam and went into the West. Pretty sure he was never coming back. If he’s going to be shown reading it before he leaves, then the make up artists have some work to do because Elijah is 10 years older now and looks it. He cannot now be shown before he leaves because he’s much thinner and older looking. If they were going to have anyone sitting and reading the book it should be Sam. He had possession of it, he was still in the Shire, and he could be reading it to his kids or grandkids.

  4. stormcrow20 says:

    MTV is the one claiming this is exclusive “news”. TORn is just featuring MTV’s report, even though it is nothing more than what TORn already scooped two weeks ago.

  5. Socrates2 says:

    Frodo spent about 10 years in Hobbiton before he sailed with the other Ring-bearers to Valinor. His narrative could take place right before he went.

  6. Sawyer013 says:

    Actually you’re right…
    I mean i never think about it but Sam makes more sense…
    But you know Frodo has better relationship with Bilbo He is his uncle so from that point of view frodo is better choise…
    im sure PJ will fit him great but the whole thing of sam reading it to his kids is so great and cute

  7. Blakjakhill says:

    It is quite possible that he read it before writing the Lord of the Rings when he returned to the Shire. You know, during the time that Samwise married Rosie Cotton and was elected Mayor a hundred times? They could easily fit it in during that time. Or how about during his time at Rivendell in the Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo handed him the finished story?

  8. Batmccoy says:

    I think it’s clear that the main point is that there was nothing new or exclusive to anyone.

  9. Jbpraca says:

    Get some sleep Elijah.. you don’t look to high 😉

  10. Athiker07 says:

    Well as I said, it’s going to be extremely difficult to make Frodo look like he did in LOTR now that he’s older and thinner. And they’d have to make him look exactly like he did before he went to the Havens or it’s going to look really really obvious when all of the movies are viewed, starting with The Hobbit. Sam was the one in love with stories, and he was already piecing a story together as they went up to Shelob’s Lair. So Sam should be reading the book to his kids or grandkids.

  11. Athiker07 says:

    Truthfully, and sadly, he looks like a heroin addict. He looks awful – dark shadows under his eyes, the hideous fringe of a beard that looks like a 12 yr old trying to look like a 40 year old, the gaunt face and the artificially dark hair.

  12. elwing says:

    Two years, you mean, but — yeah, I picture this as being a flashback to the scene where he’s finishing writing in the Red Book. Right before Sam comes in and sees it.

  13. elwing says:

    Not absurd. You’re right about how nice a scene there could be of Sam reading it to his family (and handing it down to Elanor), but before he did that, Frodo handed it down to him. And Frodo got it from his guardian, Bilbo, the hero of The Hobbit who began writing the book and told Frodo to continue it. They’re both Bagginses, there’s continuity.

    As for “when would he have done that” — he *wrote* a great deal of the Red Book, so, anytime during that period. Could be right before the ROTK scene where he’s finishing it up and Sam comes in to see him. But my guess is we’ll see Frodo as he *begins* the job of writing in the Red Book, and before he takes up the pen himself he starts reading what Bilbo wrote and gets caught up in it. Flash-forward gives way to Hobbit timeline and the movie proper.

    As for Elijah’s looks – Frodo was quite ill when he did his writing. They had to put a great deal of makeup on EW at the time and make his clothes appear to hang on him. It might actually be easier now to make him appear to show the ravages of ringbearing.

  14. Arou says:

    I heard from my sister that He would probably going to be the narrator, because Ian Holm has health problems. Which is a good idead, I think. And for his face, he will surely look younger. It seems to be very easy to do with makeup ^^

  15. Sephirothjacobs says:

    I wish that Peter Jackson made the movie without Frodo in it jst like in the book but it would be neat to have an extenede edition where he is in the movie, you know what i mean?

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