Ever since a “casting call” for The Hobbit found its way on to the internet back in January 2010, fans have been wondering much concerning the role of the Elf-maiden (or alternately, Elf warrior-wench!) who’ll supposedly go by the name of Itaril and fall in love with with a young Elf-lord.

It wasn’t long before fans began speculating the casting for the role and, subsequently, Saoirse Ronan got linked to it. But much fun as the speculation was (and is), neither the rumoured role nor the rumoured casting choice have gone down well with many fans. And whether or not the rumours had a ring of truth to them was anyone’s guess.

Come January 2011 and the media has finally gotten to catching up with Saoirse Ronan and asking her directly concerning the possibility of her being cast in the upcoming films. From RTE.ie:

The Oscar-nominated Irish actress is strongly rumoured to be in talks to play the character Itaril in the films, but she did not reveal any further details at the launch of the IFTAs in Dublin yesterday.

When asked if she would like to play the role, she replied: “Yeah if I was asked, certainly.”

Her father Paul said that it would be great if she landed the Hobbit part, but did not say if she had been asked.

He told journalists: “It would be something that would be wonderful if it happens. I don’t think all of the cast members have been chosen or asked yet because it’s going to be such a long project.

“It’s going to take a long time. She worked with Peter on ‘The Lovely Bones’. After a couple of weeks with working with Peter it’s like being part of his family.

“It would be wonderful to see them all again and to work with them again.”

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