Author Ethan Gilsdorf writes: The results of the geek poetry contest I co-sponsored with Geek Mom are in! Sample winning haiku (by Natalie Jones):

Samwise and Frodo:
You think they’re about to kiss,
But they never do.

Readers of were asked to submit a poem in any form of their choosing (haiku, rap, free verse, Klingon sonnet) on any geeky topic: Tolkien, Star Wars, Star Trek, gelatinous cubes, World of Warcraft war chants, hobbit drinking songs, odes to Harry Potter, ballads of Gary Gygax. Poems that somehow managed to work in the name “Ethan Gilsdorf” (which, according to legend, is either Elvish or Elvis) were hard to resist. Winners got autographed copies of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks. Hope you enjoy! The bards’ fabulous works can be read here.