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  3. We got more from our friends at Budk. This time Rohan is getting some love and specifically Eomer. If you’re a prop… Orlando to reprise Legolas in ‘Hobbit’

December 8, 2010 at 7:15 pm by Calisuri  - 

Orlando Bloom is reporting that Orlando Bloom is expected to reprise his role as Legolas Greenleaf in the upcoming ‘Hobbit’ films. You may ask, how can this be? Well, quite simply, the character of Legolas was very much alive during the timeframe of The Hobbit. In fact, he was probably several thousand years old at the time of The Lord of the Rings! Since Legolas is the son of Thranduil (The Elvenking), a major player in ‘The Hobbit,’ one can easily see Peter, Phillipa, and Fran writing him into the script. *MINOR SPOILERS* Not only would he appear in Mirkwood with the other wood-elves, he could very well lead the wood-elf contingent into the Battle of Five Armies! Deadline also mentions the negotiations for Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis are still ongoing. [Read On]

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Source: Deadline Orlando to reprise Legolas in ‘Hobbit’ | Discuss

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17 responses to “ Orlando to reprise Legolas in ‘Hobbit’”

  1. guest says:

    Yes please!!!

  2. Brian says:

    Or he might not be involved in the main Hobbit storyline at all, but rather as part of the second film that’s supposed to connect The Hobbit to LOTR.

  3. Brego says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that he may actually play Thranduil, legolas’s father! Just don a dark wig and the rest can be family resemblence…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    They abandoned the idea of making the second film a bridge to LOTR, didn’t they? It will just be The Hobbit part I and part II.

  5. neorion says:

    I am so glad that he will be in The Hobbit!!! :):):)
    And I really hope to see Aragorn and Gandalf again, too!

  6. jamie says:

    meh. i hope they don’t try and make too many references to LOTR. Having them where it matters is fine but please don’t force it…

  7. im pretty sure they, orlando bloom, andy serkis, sir ian mckellen and hugo weaving, will return for the hobbit…

  8. Moonmuppet says:

    hope they don’t force the storyline but i’d love to see legolas somewhere in these movies

  9. thedirtyground says:

    I would prefer just a Legolas cameo. I hope they don’t try and wedge him in as a main character…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Aslong as he is only a cameo I’m fine with it as it makes sense Legolas was there taking part. Still hoping Brian Blessed will get a role in the movie.

  11. Sarah says:

    Hope they don’t change the story too much.. but I loved him in lotr so it’ll be okay.

  12. LOTRbiggestfan says:

    oh please, everyone knows he can’t act. He only had about two lines per LOTR film, which as anyone who saw his other films knows, was a blessing. Hope he only has a cameo.

  13. Rosie says:

    And Arwen and Aragorn were surely at Rivendell during the time Bilbo and Company were there. And when Gandalf first departs the Company he is certainly meeting up with Aragorn to help get rid of evildoers.

  14. Cathrine says:

    I would love to see him in The Hobbit! But like others says, although I loved him as Legolas I hope it’s just a cameo here and there. Nothing too much or forced. But Legolas being there would make sense and a nice touch – same with Galadriel

  15. Taha_ahmed275 says:

    goooood hobbit

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