Beginning at Bag End, then moving to Rivendell, the group will progress from scenario to scenario across the Master Board. As they reach Moria, Helm’s Deep, Shelob’s Lair, and Mordor, they will complete the scenarios depicted on the individual Scenario Boards. The group receives Hobbit cards at the beginning of their quest, each depicting a different form of activity or strength – Friendship, Traveling, Hiding, and Fighting. As the perils of their quest appear, the group must work together to defeat them by discarding the appropriate cards or by accepting the corruption of the Ring to avoid danger. On their journey, the Hobbits will receive aid from other members of the Fellowship – such as Gandalf and Aragorn – as well as make use of the many gifts given to them along the way, such as the Phial of Galadriel or the ever-nourishing Lembas bread. These special cards will give them the stren