An amazing journey through the thriving worlds of fantasy and gaming.

In this enthralling blend of travelogue, pop culture analysis, and memoir, forty-year-old former Dungeons & Dragons addict Ethan Gilsdorf embarks on a quest that begins in his own geeky teenage past and ends in our online gaming future. He asks, Who are these gamers and fantasy fans? What explains the irresistible appeal of such “escapist” adventures? And what could one man find if he embarked on a journey through one fantasy world after another?

In Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks, Gilsdorf crisscrosses America, the world, and other worlds–from Boston to Wisconsin, France to New Zealand, and Planet Earth to Middle-earth to the realm of Aggramar. He asks D&D players, LARPers, medieval re-eanctors, World of Warcraft players, Harry Potter fans and convention goers–old, young, male, female, able-bodied and disabled–what attracts them to fantasy worlds, and for what reasons. What he discovers is funny, poignant, and enlightening.