TORN Spy T writes: I was just at Matamata today. All hobbit-hole construction is completed, now the “greenery” is just being finalised. The bridge/Green Dragon is ostensibly finished with just a few external touches to be completed. I took heaps of pictures, but I had to sign a confidentiality agreement saying I wouldn’t post them on the internet. I wish you could see Bag End. It looks almost 100% perfect. The head gardener was on the premises for the entirety of our visit and was watching us to make sure we didn’t touch anything. The most dramatic part for me was the Bridge/Green Dragon. When I was there in March, it was just a grass-covered hillside. To see it almost as it was in the film was breath-taking. Oh, there are five BRAND NEW hobbit-holes that look very flash. One in particular which has to be a main character’s abode (as it is much more detailed and intricate than many of the others). Sam’s hole is back to how you see it at the end of RotK and the greenery around Bag End apparently was just finished within the last week or so.