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Highest Grossing Movie Franchises of All Time – LOTR is Fifth

November 19, 2010 at 10:24 am by Celeborn  - 

With the release of the latest Harry Potter film, CNBC has a slide show featuring the highest grossing movie franchises of all time. Here are the top five…

  1. Star Wars (6 Films, $5.49 Billion)
  2. Harry Potter (6 Films, $5.42 Billion)
  3. James Bond (23 Films, $3.55 Billion)
  4. Shrek (4 Films, $2.94 Billion)
  5. The Lord of the Rings  (3 Films, $2.91 Billion)

As you can see The Lord of the Rings makes the top five, but, just as a point of observation, if you average the number of films to the dollar total, you’ll see that The Lord of the Rings has the highest per film average – around $970,000,000 per film. [See the full list]

Posted in Fans, Hobbit Movie, Lord of the Rings, LotR Movies, The Hobbit, Tolkien on November 19, 2010 by Source: Highest Grossing Movie Franchises of All Time – LOTR is Fifth | Discuss
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2 responses to “Highest Grossing Movie Franchises of All Time – LOTR is Fifth”

  1. Drew says:

    i think you mean $970 000 000 per film

  2. Wait, it had been comfirmed a few years ago that Potter is number 1.

    james bond has made $5,029,014,110
    Star Wars has made $4,279,632,749

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