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New Hilary Tolkien Book Cancelled

November 8, 2010 at 4:47 pm by xoanon  - 

Melilot sends along word: Regarding the launch of the new book on Hilary Tolkien: It’s been canceled. Andrew Compton sent along a message to explain things – I thought you might want to know before too many people are getting their hopes up. It’s a great pity I think.

Andrew Compton writes:
“I am sorry to have to advise that despite the tremendous work and dedication to this project by Angela Gardner, Neil Holford, the Publishers, designers, artists, and financial backing by ADC Publications Ltd I have no choice but to cancel the publication of the book for legal reasons.

Despite many revisions and changes made at the insistence of The Tolkien Estate it appears that The Tolkien Estate will seek to take court action to prevent the release of this book regardless. Everyone involved in the publication has worked hard to meet the requests of The Tolkien Estate time and time again, however it would be misleading to release a Biography on Hilary Tolkien without proper reference to his close relationship with his brother.

The launch event on Saturday 4th December has therefore been cancelled and a full refund will be made shortly to anyone has placed advanced orders.

Best wishes
Andrew Compton”

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Daggers of Tauriel

6 responses to “New Hilary Tolkien Book Cancelled”

  1. Not Yet Famous says:

    I’m sorry, but a whole book on someone who is basically a footnote? The Tolkien Estate should have no power to influence this book unless it was a sad attempt to slip a book on JRR in from the side, even then an unauthorised biography should be legal to produce. But back to Hilary; apart from being dead, I’ve probably done just as much as this guy to be noteworthy, so where’s my book?

  2. guest says:

    I am NOT happy.

  3. How lame is that? The Tolkien Estate really gets on my nerves.

  4. Bleuchapeau says:

    This makes me want to protect against Tolkien Estate – at least do something to this incredible injustice towards the authors of the biography of Hilary Tolkien. I mean really, somebody must contact them and tell them “the right words”.

  5. Bleuchapeau says:

    Oh, of course there had to be one typographical error. Most certainly I meant protest against Tolkien Estate, not protect.

  6. bramble says:

    what do they mean by “it would be misleading to release a Biography on Hilary Tolkien without proper reference to his close relationship with his brother”?

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