Time: 12.30 – 1 or 2
Where: Cathedral Square, Christchurch
Contact: Axel Scott (axel@boysdayout.co.nz)

RALLY FOR ALL NEW ZEALANDERS, Industry & public on Labour Day Monday, 12.30 for 1pm-2pm!

This POSITIVE rally of support is timed to coincide with the visit of Warner Bros. movie executives to discuss moving The Hobbit away from NZ. We’re going to show them that we like them, we want The Hobbit filmed here and we SUPPORT Sir Peter.

This rally will also emphasize the points other groups like film techs intend to make in the national media to influence Warners.

They are NOT protests against certain groups.

Invite ALL of your friends!!!

“Is the movie going to come or go? We don’t know. Warners are coming here next Monday and we’ve got to fight like hell,”
Sir Peter Jackson.

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