Since word got out that the two-part “Hobbit” film might leave the island nation of New Zealand, fans have been e-mailing TORn, posting on Facebook and expressing on message boards that they wish they could help.

Now you can.

In a grass-roots effort, a film production crew is making a film full of the messages of those who feel passionately about keeping “The Hobbit,” in New Zealand (and keeping New Zealand in “The Hobbit.”) Many of those leading the charge are from Weta but this isn’t organized by Peter Jackson or Richard Taylor or the company in any way but rather this is for them, to show widespread support from the ground up. These are artists and craftspeople spending their own time and talents and they are asking for your help.

Here is the information as received from the organizers:

“If you wish to see The Hobbit filmed in New Zealand, then this is your chance to have your say and support the many people working in the New Zealand film industry and related industries. The film production crew at Weta Workshop are putting together a message of support and we need your help!

We are looking for anyone who supports our cause to film a 10-20 second video stating who you are, what you do, and your answer to the question “Why does the Hobbit NEED to stay in New Zealand?”. We want to show just how many people care about this film being shot in the country it belongs, so we’re looking for absolutely everyone, from all walks of life. If you are a passionate viewer, an inspired film-maker or a driven Taxi driver, we want you!

You can film your message on absolutely anything, anywhere, anytime. We want videos from your cellphones, webcams or SLR’s. You name it, we’re keen for you to use it.

To make us all look united and help spread the viral nature of the video, I ask that you wear a white t-shirt, if possible with what you do written on it, when making your video. Also, please keep your messages positive, this is about how amazing the film industry is in New Zealand and we don’t want this idea to be clouded.

Once you’ve filmed your piece you can upload it to our public YouTube account. The details are as below:

Username: videosforclip
Password: supermondo

If you are having trouble using YouTube you can upload your video via the below link and we will upload it to YouTube for you:

We will then download your videos from YouTube, or the link above, and cut together a short film that we feel will really get across our message. This short film will then be uploaded to YouTube”

So in reply to all of your messages, there it is, a way to respond.