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NY Times: Hobbit will be in 3-D

October 1, 2010 at 6:17 pm by Calisuri  - 

New York Times reporter Michael Cieply, hardly a reporter known to spread rumor, is reporting from an unnamed source close to the production that “The Hobbit” films will be in 3-D (a la AVATAR). Michael was at our Comic-Con 2010 panel where the audience universally despised the idea of the films being created in 3-D. Also in his report, he mentions that the greenlight for the project is close, and more importantly, a rumored release date of December 19th 2012. [Full Story] We know its beating a dead horse, but share your thoughts on a 3-D Hobbit in the comments and through the ‘discuss’ link!

Posted in Hobbit Movie, Rumors Spy News, The Hobbit on October 1, 2010 by
Source: The New York Times NY Times: Hobbit will be in 3-D | Discuss

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18 responses to “NY Times: Hobbit will be in 3-D”

  1. Sven says:

    Disappointing if it’s true. What next? Jack Black as Bilbo?

  2. Brazilianick says:

    People are afraid of change! But quiet frankly, sooner or later, all movies will be in 3D!!!! Would you want your Hobbit movie to drag behind, or would you want to get ahead? If the technology goes forth, and kids seem to like it, then what is the real problem? There is nothing wrong with 3D!

  3. That isnt as silly as you think.

  4. I thought I just got done reading that people are no longer forking the extra cash to see 3D movies, having experienced it a few times, lost the “oooo aahhh”, and also often “getting used to it” halfway through the movie so you don’t even notice that it’s 3D.. I’ve already heard prediction of films for next year losing money because they were filmed for 3D before 3D started going downhill at the boxoffice.

  5. jimdorey says:

    Guys, guys, guys. I told you this back in November 2007.

  6. I for one am quite excited, and don’t understand why most Tolkien lovers are opposed to the idea.

    Better to do a good job of filming and making the movies in 3D from the start than to go and convert them in a few years’ time. Years ago I was thinking “if only a decent movie like Lord of the Rings came out in 3D”; well, decent movies are finally starting to come out in 3D, and this will be the most decent of them all.

    I trust Peter Jackson to use this medium respectfully, and am sure the movie will be a pleasure to watch in 3D.

  7. Anonymous says:

    3D Rocks! (as long as it is made in 3D and not retconned).

  8. We all are given the choice to see a 3d film in a conventional 2d theatre so it only affects us in the sense that we arent seeing the version that is promoted

  9. Damian says:

    I don’t see the problem with it being in 3D as long as they make sure the 2D version isn’t lacking and can stand on it’s own feet without the 3D effects.

    Avatar was quite awesome I thought. If they can do as good a job and not detract from the story or the characters trying to ‘wow’ us, then the Hobbit in 3D is welcome to me.

  10. Sethage1 says:

    It’s a gimmick and it’s the only reason Avatar made so much money. It does nothing as far as the movie experience. Once you don’t have to wear the glasses for 3D, then it will be something amazing.

  11. Cne says:

    3D that requires glasses will not last, but I don’t care so long as there will be a 2D version available on disc.

  12. zikosakira says:

    I can’t see the Hobbit made withe the 3-D. I quit like 3-D but I hope the ovie will be made the same way tha LOTR was…the old fashion….

  13. This is Calisuri – and I agree! I don’t care if its in 3D as long as I can see the 2D version and it is just as good!

  14. Redwallcluny says:


  15. Anonymous says:

    Avatar did something that no other 3D movie had done up to that point – to not exploit the technology with gimmicks, but rather to simply add depth. The Hobbit in 3D should be awesome.

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