Got a spare 27 minutes in your day today? If so, take some time to watch this BBC 2 John Izzard interview of Professor J.R.R. Tolkien. Here’s the official synopsis of the March 30th 1968 broadcast:

John Izzard meets with JRR Tolkien at his home, walking with him through the Oxford locations that he loves while hearing the author’s own views about his wildly successful high-fantasy novels. Tolkien shares his love of nature and beer and his admiration for ‘trenchermen’ in this genial and affectionate programme. The brief interviews with Oxford students that are dotted throughout reveal the full range of opinions elicited by ‘The Lord of the Rings’, from wild enthusiasm to mild contempt.

Jump on over to the BBC to view the video. [Video]


  1. Drjaylee

    I’d forgotten how vacuous Marxist commentary was.

  2. I’ve seen a small bit of this interview before, but it’s great to have the full thinf online.

  3. Jacquesstrap

    Great interview! Does anyone know who’s reading the excerpts from the books in the background? He’s got a great voice for the story, I would love to listen to the audio book read by him.

  4. Shudhakalyan

    I’m from Belgium. When I want to see the video it says “Not available in your area”. Any other link ?

    •  I’m in the US and get the same response. Is there a worldwide “mirror”, something that you don’t have to be in the UK to watch?

  5. Kinoeye

    Boo! not available in the US of A, either

  6. RLSchwartz

    In the US and also “Not available in your area”.  

  7. Nimloth31

    Not available in Brasil, too! I would very much like to watch…

  8. Carolann

    shuch a shame its not available in Spain I would have love to have seen it.

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