The New Zealand farmland that was transformed into Middle Earth for the Lord of the Rings film series has been recolonised by sheep, some of whom have set up home in the deserted hobbit holes. The rolling green pastures that provided the backdrop for director Peter Jackson’s trilogy were originally going to be converted into hobbit theme park, to attract tourists to the town of Matamata on the country’s North Island. But the plans were shelved, and the land is now home to 12,000 sheep and 250 cattle. They are allowed to roam around the 17 hobbit holes left behind after the production team departed. More..


  1. Did I miss something here? Isn’t this really, really bad news that they’ve given up on converting it for the Hobbit films? 🙁

  2. Cjones_sf24

    On the linked page, it says that they are strictly outdoor sets. Nothing lies inside to be damaged, so it would appear that they could be easily removed for filming.

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