Over at The Noldor Blog, there is serious speculation as to a potential announcement regarding The Hobbit around August 21st.  And if so, indications suggest it would be a positive announcement for fans.

The blog mentions how the Weta Cave is shutting for five days, then closing again a week later for what is called a “very secret private function”.  In addition, a large amount of  Lord Of The Rings / Hobbit sets and props are being pulled from storage, apparently in a somewhat urgent nature. Contacts he has spoken to feel an announcement is imminent and that the morale there is very high.

While this confirms nothing, it does open a window of possibility that something is afoot.  At the excellent The Frodo Franchise site, Kristin Thompson has added some of her thoughts on the matter as well.  What do the TORN readers think?  Talk about it on the message boards!

Update: Sources at WETA and PJ’s camp state that there is nothing important pending for an August 21st announcement. Special events occur at the WETA Cave all the time, many not involving anyone associated with WETA at all. Further investigations reveal the remainder of the article is incorrect and wildly speculative, at best. -Xo


  1. Joe

    Hope this is true!

  2. Philldk146

    Right. How Not to Report Crap 101, guys. Stop building us up. It’s bad enough that the thing is dead in the water as it is.

    Check your sources and then WAIT for facts, before you perpetuate bogus crap.

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