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Film-maker Sir Peter Jackson can’t guarantee The Hobbit will ever be made as concerns grow that a lack of jobs is causing movie industry workers to leave Wellington. However, a spokesman for Jackson confirmed yesterday that the second of three Tintin movies will be shot in Wellington. Jackson will direct the film, with production duties going to Steven Spielberg – a reversal of their roles from the first film, to be released next year. But Robert Baldock, of Wellington’s Westside Studios, said shooting the film may not come in time to stop the drain of the capital’s movie production talent. “If somebody was to come here with a major movie right now and wanted to get some talent, they might struggle because it’s drifted north. They’re being offered three-year contracts on [TV show] Power Rangers. It is a lower rate than The Hobbit would offer, but they’re looking for that continuity” Read the entire story here.