Most fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit could not imagine a role for Megan Fox in the delayed-but-upcoming film.  And neither can her Jonah Hex director Jimmy Heyward, who did remark to FOXNews that Fox was a big fan of Lord Of The Rings

When asked if she might snag a roll in The Hobbit, he replied “No!  She’s too hot for that.”

However, PopEater mentions Fox frequently visits Lord Of The Rings forums (TORN message board, anyone?) and “speaks nerd fluently”.

While The Hobbit may not fit, perhaps we’ll see the luminous Ms. Fox go after the role of Luthien Tinuviel in a future adaptation of The Silmarillion.   But if she’s chosen as a Wood-elves princess or a beautiful resident of Laketown, here’s hoping she announces it on TORN first!