With all the rumors and speculation about having “The Hobbit” movies in 3D, it sometimes feels like the big money made by “Avatar” has cast impossible expectations over blockbuster films forever. It also seems that all that cash is simply being attributed to the 3D aspect of the film and so now every movie, including both parts of “The Hobbit,” are part of the hype. Since “Avatar” made sooooo much money, we wondered, “Why stop with visual depth and polarized glasses?” And so we present our “Top 10 ways to make ‘The Hobbit’ movie like ‘Avatar’.”

10. Blue skinned Elves
9. The One Ring is made from unobtanium
8. Dwarves learn environmental lesson about destroying nature while in Mirkwood
7. Necromancer planning to destroy sacred Elf trees to “raise the stakes”
6. Call in Dwarves from plains, coastal cliffs and deep forests to help in climactic battle
5. Sigourney Weaver voices tough but intelligent female Dwarf
4. Forbidden inter-species love story. Bilbo is a pervy Elf fancier!
3. Forest natives live in giant tr . . . oh wait
2. Heroic Hobbit rides scary dragon into battle
1. ‘The Hobbit’ in 3D!