Taverncraft Introduces Two Versions of the Smaug™ the Magnificent Stein

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 20, 2010) – Taverncraft, a subsidiary of 3 Point Entertainment LLC, today announced that they have begun accepting pre-orders for the first stein in their ongoing collectible drinkware series based on the literary masterpieces The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Smaug the Magnificent, illustrated by premier fantasy artist Matthew Stawicki, is presently available in both Epic and Legendary editions, both with special pre-order pricing. Additional details are available at www.hobbitsteins.com.

“As lifelong J.R.R. Tolkien fans, everyone at Taverncraft worked hard to ensure the stein truly honored the characters,” said 3 Point Entertainment President Jerry Bennington. “The artwork on Smaug the Magnificent, which shows the dragon Smaug in his lair with Bilbo, beautifully captures both the danger and excitement of the scene. It’s a great stein to kick off the line-up, and one we’re sure fans of Middle-earth will be incredibly excited to add to their collections.”

Each Smaug the Magnificent stein stands over 10” (25.4 cm) tall and is handcrafted from authentic fine-grain stoneware. The steins feature panoramic bas-relief sculpting and a sculpted pewter lid featuring the legendary “One Ring to rule them all.” The Smaug the Magnificent Epic Collection Stein is available through June 30, 2010, at a special pre-order price of $99.99, while the Smaug the Magnificent Legendary Collection Stein is available through June 30, 2010, at a pre-order price of $149.99. The Smaug the Magnificent Legendary Collection Stein is limited to 999 worldwide, features an 18K gold-plated “One Ring” lid and hand-painted gold trimming throughout the image and handle. Also included is a certificate of authenticity hand-signed and numbered by the artist.

The Smaug the Magnificent stein is expected to ship in September, 2010. Additional images and information, along with ordering details, are available at www.hobbitsteins.com.

About Taverncraft
Taverncraft, a subsidiary of 3 Point Entertainment, LLC, is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, California dedicated to delivering superior-quality drinkware. Taverncraft branded steins, mugs and tankards are eagerly sought after around the world for their collectability, originality and functionality. 3 Point Entertainment is a licensee of Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft®) and Electronic Arts (Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning®). Additional information is available at www.taverncraft.com.

About Middle-earth Enterprises
The Saul Zaentz Company d/b/a Middle-earth Enterprises f/k/a Tolkien Enterprises (SZC), is the holder of worldwide motion picture, legitimate stage, merchandising, and other rights in the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien including The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. SZC has been producing and licensing films, stage productions and merchandise based on the works of Mr. Tolkien for more than 30 years. Its headquarters are located in Berkeley, California and its Middle-earth Enterprises’ website may be found at www.middleearth.com.