Up until now Britain has lacked it’s own credible superhero and those looking for feats of supernatural prowess tended to turn to the United States, but Candleman may be about to change that.

Candleman’s author Glenn Dakin, who has already written for characters such as “Postman Pat” and “Spiderman,” spoke to Reuters about where the inspiration for his first original creation came from and the state of British publishing.

Q: Where did the idea for the book come from?

A: The spark for it came of The Hobbit. There’s a line in it where Gandalf the wizard has a sword that glows in the presence of danger or murder.  I liked that idea. It sounded whimsical and old-fashioned, almost Victorian. It led me into writing a story about a modern-day boy who’s inherits the creepy baggage of a Victorian crime-fighter.  More.