Ed writes: Hello, just last week I visited the Hobbiton set and in the distance I saw a man in a white shirt and hat with grey hair. I knew it was Dan Hennah. I could also sort of guessed and could tell that it was Brian Massey standing next to him. As the tour got closer I found out I was right. I went up to Brian and said “Are you Brian?” I think he was a little surprised that I knew him. No one else in the group even knew who Dan was, shame shame. I shook his hand and then met Dan and shook his hand. We had a quick chat and they were super kind and friendly.

I am not sure if it is even okay to talk about what I saw on the set or to reveal the photos I took. The tour guide assured me that it was okay to photograph anything in the area, so I did. They have new Hobbit holes they have lined out with sheets of plywood and there is one big hole in the middle and two little holes on each side. They were numbered. I took a bunch of GREAT photos of this. They boys walked to all of the existing Hobbit holes and were talking about them. I got one really great picture of Dan smiling standing with his drawings in hand near a Hobbit hole. They were also driving stakes in the ground and mapping something out near the party field. They were also near a large tree (not the party tree, to the right of it) and discussing that. I have a picture of that as well.

If you would like, I would be glad to give you the photos to use in an article. I would only do this of course if there would be no issues with confidentiality whatsoever.

I feel so lucky to have been there at that time. I think Dan and Brian could sense the excitement that I had to have met them.

I have attached one picture for you to see what beautiful a day it was.