Just when things seemed slow, we get a report on a possible casting rumor for Bard! The rumor comes from Ringer Enidan who suggests Clive Standen (Doctor Who, BBC Robinhood) is one of the names being considered for Bard in the upcoming Hobbit Films. Enidan writes:

I have heared that Clive Standen not Richard Armitage is on a list for Bard the bowma. They both appeared in BBC Robin Hood but Clive Standen who played Archer (Robin Hoods appropriately named brother) was an expert archer/swordsman and horseman. So it makes sense if you look him up on imdb you can see he is connected / linked to pirates of the Caribbean 4 so maybe he is in contention for the hobbit? I have not seen this list but i have a reliable source working in casting.

Take it for what is is, a rumor. What do you think of the possiblities? Is Clive a good choice for Bard? Discuss it in our forums and let your voice be heard! [Wikipedia Listing] [IMDB]