Message board Spy Theodred uncovered two new interviews with Hugo Weaving. Weaving is currently on a press tour for ‘The Wolfman’. The first is on, the second is on Weaving does get asked about The Hobbit.

And The Hobbit – you’re going to come back, right?
Hugo Weaving: “Well, Elrond is in The Hobbit in the book. From what I hear he’s in the movie. I haven’t talked to anyone.”

That’s you. It can’t be anyone else.
Hugo Weaving: “I haven’t talked to anyone about it. But I hear from them that, yes… Look, I think it will be happening this year. But I haven’t read any scripts yet or sort of signed any bits of paper yet.”

But you want to play him again, right?
Hugo Weaving: “Well, I’d love to go back there. Actually, I’m interested in The Hobbit because it’s kind of a more charming view of that world prior to Lord of the Rings. It’s more a child-like piece of writing. It’s a beautiful tale, so I’m interested with Guillermo del Toro directing what the different slant would be on that world. So, yeah, I’d be good to go back there.”