Alan Heritage, Manager for West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village, writes: I wanted to let you know about an event for fans of all ages called Ring Quest which happens at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village in Suffolk every February. This is the ninth year that the event has run and this year it will be February 13 to 21, when many schools are on half term holiday in England.

The event is based upon a trail to find rings of Elves, Dwarves and Men in the Anglo-Saxon Village and in the Country Park, there is a prize for the winner. Hundreds of families take part every year, regardless of the weather, to follow the quest, see the ‘Real Middle Earth’ in the form of the Anglo-Saxon Village and hear all about Tolkien’s world and all its links to the Anglo-Saxons on the tours. For details see

This year we also clebrate the role of the village as a key location in the wonderful new fan film Born of Hope which is available to see online and is all about the Dunedain or Rangers and the line of Kings immediately before Aragorn. It is a great film made by Kate Madison and Actors at Work; visitors to this year’s Ring Quest will be able to meet Rangers and orcs as part of the event. Clips and trailers for Born of Hope will be shown at the event to promote this top quality fan film which will keep us all going until the new Hobbit films are released. For more details see