Claire writes: Charles Ross will be touring in the UK with his One Man Lord of the Rings production in 2010. Here’s a quote from Sir Ian McKellen: “If you liked The Lord of the Rings trilogy, you’ll love Charlie Ross’ version – and if you didn’t, well, at least his is shorter.”

And here’s a review from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe: “It’s some achievement that Ross and his director TJ Dawe manage to soundly recreate Tolkien’s epic fantasy, especially when you consider Ross has no props, wears only a boiler suit and uses minimal lighting effects throughout. Peter Jackson needed around ten hours of film, hundreds of millions of dollars and enough special effects to keep an army of computer whizkids behind their desks for a very long time! It’s the clever script, Ross’ child like zest and humorous anecdotes which makes One Man Lord Of The Rings such a fine show. … Charles Ross’ Lord Of The Rings trilogy is funny, fitting and fabulous. Essential for all Lord Of The Rings fans and followers. Definite recommendation.”

These are the dates I’ve found so far:

Orchard Theatre, Dartford, 3rd February 2010
Theatre Royal – Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds, 5th February 2010
Pavilion Theatre, Worthing, 12th February 2010
Wyvern Theatre, Swindon, 13th February 2010
Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne, 27th February 2010
Victoria Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, 10th March 2010
Theatre Royal, Brighton, 24th March 2010
Albert Halls, Bolton, 26th March 2010
Richmond Theatre, 3rd April 2010

There are sure to be other performances, and they’re only for one evening, so if you’d like to see this production, it’s worth keeping an eagle eye on venues close to you for details.