Born of HopePress Release: For fans of Tolkien this Christmas is going to be special. For the first time in six years you can enjoy a seriously professional Lord of the Rings inspired feature film – and not only that, you can watch it for free!

Born of Hope is a genuine attempt to tell a new Tolkien story boasting a host of characters, which have never been seen on screen before. Released exclusively on on the 1st of December, this UK based 70 minute prequel is the story of Aragorn’s parents, Arathorn and Gilraen, and the people who sacrificed everything to keep him safe.

Director and producer Kate Madison has put together a cast of professional actors, and a fantastic group of production talent, to capture the feel of the visual Tolkien universe Peter Jackson established in his trilogy. Made for a fraction of Jackson’s budget, probably about the same amount he spent on breakfast cereal, Born of Hope not only looks the part, but the original script genuinely brings a new dimension to The Lord of the Rings.

Uniquely all the talent that worked on the film did so for no financial gain, and the budget was made up of private donations through the film’s web site. The Internet has been a major player in the making of the film as creative people from USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and New Zealand amongst others have been able to contribute to the script, costumes, props and music.

It is therefore fitting that the film can be seen from the 1st of December exclusively on the film’s website ( or