The folks from Heren Istarion write: In this, our 3rd edition of the Calendar of The Northeast Tolkien Society ( , we are again grateful to and humbled by the contributing artists and editors. The focus of this calendar has been, and we hope will continue, to feature work from artists that may not entirely be “household” names in fandom. Yet have been illustrating and inspired by Tolkien for many years. The 2010 NETS Calendar as a portal of creativity inspired by Tolkien widens the the artistic lens with the work of Ruth Lacon,Henning Janssen and Sue Wookey, with sketches and illustrations by reknown Tolkien artist Ted Nasmith. The stunning visual representations of people, places and events from the history of Middle earth by these reknown artists stand as a testament to Tolkien’s plan, message and scope for a creative continuity of individual minds and hands to participate in a complex and beautiful world. A world Tolkien himself set the foundation for us all to build upon.

The 2010 NETS Calendar would not be complete without a cover illustration and sketches by Jef Murray. This year, as we all are a part of a modern world with many complex issues, we can all take refuge and healing in what Jef has illustrated. We must remember Galadriel’s words to Sam “Let the Light be a guide for you in dark places,” which many of us find ourselves in right now.

Monthly illustrations and sketches by:

Jef Murray, Ted Nasmith, Ruth Lacon, Henning Jannsen, Sue Wookey

This 2010 Calendar features:
Shire Reckoning format with Gregorian offsets
Moon Phases
Important dates in Middle-earth
For information on how to order this limited edition, print-on-demand calendar see below.

Just in time for the Yuletide Holidays, we are proud to offer our third, limited-edition, print on demand Heren Istarion calendar. In 2008-2009 the very successful NETS Calendar featured previously unpublished art by reknowned Tolkien artists Ted Nasmith and Jef Murray, along with art by Catherine Sparsidis, Colin Williams and Kasiopea. Our inaugural calendar, and subsequent editions, was and will be in the rarely seen Shire Reckoning format.

By adding this calendar to your Tolkien collection, you will not only gain a spectacular calendar, but you will be helping support Heren Istarion: The Northeast Tolkien™ Society.

With special thanks to our dynamic design duo Phil Goss and his daughter Megan, plus the gracious support of Thank you Jef, Ted, Ruth, Sue, Henning, Phil and Megan for providing NETS with your work, support and dedication and the Tolkien community, The Northeast Tolkien™ Society is producing this calendar to fundraise for our society. All proceeds will go toward our society journal, society endeavors, and of course future calendars!


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