From the folks at Weta: 10 years since filming began on The Lord Of The Rings! How do we celebrate that? Listen to the Anniversary Podcast! – Daniel Falconer has recorded a very special podcast episode, walking around the workshop, asking the crew who were here back then to share some of their stories and memories. It’s a truly fantastic walk through the workshop, where you meet Richard Taylor, Gino Acevedo, Gareth McGhie, Matt Appleton, Emily-Jane Sturrock and MANY others!

As Daniel mentions in the interviews, we’re releasing a new product to commemorate the 10th anniversary – the Red Eye of Sauron – a pin that has a history very much tied in with Weta’s role in the Lord Of The Rings. Designed by John Howe and adorning Weta’s crew gear, it became the symbol of Weta staff on-set and whenever anyone needed a Weta technician, they would just look for the Red Eye. Now you too can feel like part of the Weta crew!

And don’t forget all the other products we have released recently as we return to Middle-earth, like the Argonath, the Master Swordsmith’s Collection, the Gandalf cloak, the Miniature shields, the life size Gollum bronze statue.

ONLY A HANDFUL OF THE ARGONATH LEFT – the Argonath will be TAKEN OFF PRE-ORDER on Thursday 15 October as the edition has almost sold out and we need to take stock of the orders to date. If you want to make sure you get one – don’t delay.