Would you like to run and jump and fight and talk with friends and compose songs in Middle-earth? Would you like to do it on your XBox 360? Long regarded at a PC-only venture, the stereotypical MMO (Massive, Multiplayer, Online games) may be expanding to a much large audience.

Turbine is the current producer of “Lord Of The Rings Online” and just celebrated its two-year anniversary. In a recent hour-long interview (story found here) the movers and shakers behind the game talked a fair amount about changing MMOs from the current model to fit all the ways people use new technology. They didn’t mention LOTRO, but there have been rumors and now GameDaily has this solid story, sent in by Ringer spy Robin, rings true. As for me, the idea of the excellent Turbine game delivered to my big-screen TV, well, I only hope it is true.