LoriGreenleaf writes: A Tolkien Lecture is being held on Wednesday 13th May at Tremough Campus, Falmouth, Cornwall. Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien’s popular literature will be explored at the Tremough Campus, Falmouth,UK as part of a special Tolkien Day on Wednesday May 13th.

Tolkein set The Lost Road, an early version of what was to become The Lord of the Rings, in Cornwall. He spent some of his holidays in Cornwall ans was familiar with the landscape, rural culture, people and language.

Cornwall provided an early link between Anglo-Saxon England and Tolkien’s fantasy worlds and Elves and Orcs.

Three of the foremost experts on Tolkien, will be giving a presentation as part of the Tolkien Day at the University of Exeter Campus.
The FREE event is open to members of the public and will take place at Chapel Lecture Theatre on the Tremough Campus from 11.30am to 4pm.

Patrick Curry, Tom Shipey and Terri Windling will share their knowledge on the far reaching impact of Tolkien, the ‘Father’ of modern fantasy literature.

Professor Nick Groom said: “The academic neglect of Tolkien can be put down to sheer prejudice, as his work doesn’t fit into an easy category”. Yet his books have generated intense activity and enthusiasm, from the live role play battles of the 1980’s to the online computer games of today such as World of Warcraft, which attracts a staggering 11.5million players a month.

“His books contain maps, a chronology of history and extra information on areas such as heraldry, all of which allow for different ways into the text and for contemporary outlets such as PC games and, of course, a series of Oscar-winning films and dozens of spin-off products.”

He added:” At the University we are interested in Tolkien’s mythology of England and his approach to different regional identities, which are deeply rooted in English Literature and the landscape. We use his work as a point from which to focus on writing, place and identify.”
Professor Groom teaches Tolkien at postgraduate level and next year plans to launch an undergraduate option for BA English students dedicated to Tolkien’s achievements as a writer scholar and critic.
To reserve a place at the Tolkien Day event please email: Tolkien@ex.ac.uk

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