WETA logoOur pals at WETA sent us an update: Daniel and Magnus drive off to see Gino Acevedo in his den of cool. They also enlist the help of Weta Designer Matty Rodgers to put some insightful questions to Hellboy creator and comic book artist Mike Mignola who’s visited Weta for a couple of weeks. Listen to the podcast here!

We have just got word from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, that Weta’s very good friend, as well as mentor to many, Dick Smith, will be presented with “A Tribute to Dick Smith: The Godfather of Special Makeup Effects”.

We are thrilled on Dick’s behalf and would like to join the ranks of well-wishing fans of Dick’s work!

Dick Smith has been the inspiration for many a prominent career in makeup effects, including Weta Creative Director Richard Taylor and Weta makeup supremo Gino Acevedo. His work on films like The Godfather, The Exorcist and Amadeus is legendary. More…