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TORn exclusive: Monaghan is interested in ‘The Hobbit’ film

January 17, 2009 at 5:00 pm by MrCere  - 

PARK CITY, UT. – Dominic Monaghan while promoting his Slamdance Film Festival opening feature, “I Sell The Dead,” told that he would be interested in being involved in “The Hobbit” films if it made sense creatively.

When asked if he would want to hang around New Zealand in 2010 he said, “That is a Peter Jackson question. I would love to. I would be available. I would do anything for Peter and I would do anything for Guillermo. Of course there is the writing challenge.”

Monaghan refered to the fact that ‘The Hobbit’ takes place many years before his relatively young Hobbit character Merry is included in the tales of the One Ring in Jackson’s “Lord of The Rings” film trilogy. But with two movies planned, there may be room for at least brief appearances by many of the characters featured in the original film trilogy.

“I Sell The Dead,” features, Monaghan as a grave robber, Guillermo favorite Ron Perlman (“Hellboy”, “Cronos”) playing a rugged priest and Larry Fessenden as Monaghan’s mentor. The film served as Slamdance’s opening night showcase. The festival is dedicated to providing first-time filmmakers a chance to showcase their films and establish themselves in an alternative to the Sundance Film Festival which often features films with studios attached, media campaigns.

Slamdance was the launching pad for the careers of directors such as Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Memento) Marc Foster (The Quantum of Solace) and Steven Soderbergh (Sex, Lies and Videotape, Ocean’s Eleven). The festival runs in Park City through January 23.

Monaghan previously narrated, “Ringers: Lord of the Fans,” which was also featured at Slamdance as a documentary detailing some of the fans that celebrated J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. Monaghan narrated that film but did not attend the festival.

Director del Toro is also in Park City but TheOneRing was not able to track down the busy director.

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