Heidi from Bloomberg Television sends this in: Friday on the BLOOMBERG TELEVISION® program “Night Talk,” host Mike Schneider talks to Actor Viggo Mortensen about his latest film “Good.”

He talks about the success of The Lord of the Rings. “I think that anybody that was involved in that project, or any fan even, that says ‘I knew it was going to be huge box office success,’ I don’t think they’re being honest. I think its revisionist thinking. Because when we were shooting that movie…it just wasn’t a known thing, and it wasn’t really noticed that we were down there shooting this all that time. It wasn’t in the papers here. It was only when they showed 20 minutes of it at the Cannes film festival in 2001 that the journalist started talking.”

And rumors that he may join the cast of The Hobbit. “I haven’t been contacted directly, and I think fans tend to know more about that stuff than I do. I understand…that they’ll try to make a bridge story. My character isn’t in The Hobbit, but they have the right, the filmmakers, to use the appendices at the end of the lord of the Rings. And I am in those, and it refers to earlier times.”

R20;We shot a sequence that wasn’t used that they could use, with Liv Tyler, my character and her character, from our courtship. I am in this place, this field, and I remember being there with her…no beard, longer hair, dressed more like an elf, when I lived with the elves. And that’s when they meet. And they could use that, and shoot other things. They’re pretty creative. I’d be glad to do it, as long as they’re respectful to Tolkien. I’d rather do it myself than see another actor finish the job for me.”

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