Created by ROBERT DOMINIC, Featuring CRAIG PARKER, (a cast member from PETER JACKSON’S),
“The LORD OF THE RINGS” trilogy and UNDERWORLD 3, with a special guest appearance by martial arts extraordinaire Richard Norton, 2009 “JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA”. Inclusive of the mythology is the acclaimed Concept Album based on the Jenarium Mythology text, to be mastered by Tom Baker at PRECISION Mastering (Motley Crüe, Matrix Soundtrack, Alice Cooper, and 30 Seconds to Mars etc…), narrated by Craig Parker, featuring the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (KISS), and the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic choir. With testimonials from high calibre people like TROY, STAR TREK actor ERIC BANA, July 2008; “…Impressive music and concept…” Hollywood Film Chorale founder Sally Stevens, website testimonial; “JENARIUM is truly amazing, a tremendous world class concept…”

The JENARIUM Mythological text, written by ROBERT DOMINIC, is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy based concept, which will be broken into several books, “RISE OF THE NEW SUN” being the histories of the heroic first epoch of the mythical world. The story follows a sequence of events that leads to the coming of the first born race, the Sinturians, centring a legendary world, with the newly created terrifying subterranean, ravenous hoard known as the “Rifer Nation”, along with mythical beasts both good and evil, and powerful warriors of high order; it is a battle for survival! For a detailed Synopsis, log onto the official website.

JENARIUM.COM is drawing in fans from all around the globe, including the endorsement from fans of the 3 biggest communities online, the LORD OF THE RINGS, STAR TREK and STAR WARS communities.
With an overwhelming email registration response to the Mythology and the online website, JENARIUM fans are also showing a heavy interest in demanding games by GAMES WORKSHOP and WARHAMMER, along with XBOX and PLAYSTATION. With the Mythology containing elements of BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU, you can also expect to see a vested interest from the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) community.

Composer and Author ROBERT DOMINIC, has created a new, powerful and dramatic mythology, which ushers the keen viewer through a vast world fusing elements of sci-fi, fantasy, suspense and martial arts. With an effect on the individual characters amid the immense struggle of two great forces, the divine order and the rebellious individualism of the enemies, melding desperation with hope, and heroism with providence. This is by far a well needed, fresh and new approach to the sci-fi/fantasy franchise, with all the right constituents of an epic story.

18 St Vincent Way,
Caroline Springs
Melbourne VIC 3023.