Vivienne sends this along: Organizers of the above weekend held annually in Birmingham ask you to pencil in next year’s diary the date of their special Tenth Anniversary Weekend. This event will take place on the 16th and 17th May 2009 within The Shire Country Park in Hall Green near to Sarehole Mill, and the home that Tolkien loved as a child. Ideas have already been forthcoming.

‘Exploring Middle-earth’ will be the theme for the weekend around which events and attractions will be based. For example there will be a mobile ‘Cirith Ungol’ climbing wall for all ages to attempt and visitors will be encouraged to attend in costumes reflecting Tolkien’s Middle-earth. We hope visitors will gently absorb the information on offer via decorations about the geography, races and cultures of Tolkien’s Middle-earth, and there will be the usual attractions of music, drama and traditional craftsmanship for fans and new visitors alike to enjoy. To find out about the progress of this weekend try the Shire Productions website: