RingCon, held this past weekend in Bonn, Germany, featured a few ‘LotR’ cast and crew including John Rhys-Davies (Gimli), Mark Ferguson (Gil-galad), Jed Brophy (Sharku), Lori Dungey (Mrs. Bracegirdle), and stunt performer Shane Rangi. Ringer Rosie-with-the-ribbons was nice enough to post a report of the weekend, and noted that during Mr. Rhys-Davies Q&A, the inevitable ‘Hobbit’ question came up. According to the report, “he had spoken with both Peter and Guillermo about a role, and he really was thinking about it. But he wasn’t to sure if he would want to play just one of 13 dwarves, since he was THE dwarf. But if Gimli was in Film 2, he would love to play the part again.” Hmmm…but which of the 13 dwarves could he be referring to? Stay tuned to TheOneRing.net for more information as we get it!