Quickbeam writes: This coming Sunday, September 21st, promises to be idyllic for Angelinos gathering in Griffith Park for our Annual Bilbo & Frodo Baggins Birthday Picnic. TORn is also very excited to announce the genesis of new PODCAST episodes that will be shooting live footage during the Los Angeles Picnic!

In shock as you must be, you are probably saying to yourself: “What?? A new podcast?! I remember TORn Digital episodes from years ago, but what is this wily Ent talking about?”

Our “TORNews” wire service offers this bulletin: Senior Pentagon officials have been keeping very hush-hush about these podcast preparations – so as not to disturb the airwaves with sensitive material.

But now we reveal the true nature of our project: Several creative folks have joined me, Quickbeam, to help create surprising new stuff just for Ringer fans — coming exclusively to TheOneRing.net.

Come to the Los Angeles Baggins Birthday Picnic and take part in this wonderful launch! JOIN US SO YOU CAN:

  • Be captured on film for our first wave of epic podcasting!
  • Offer your wildest conjecture on Del Toro!
  • Eat tons of hobbity good food!
  • Act like a Tom-fool during our Impersonations contest!

Did someone mention Tom Bombadil? He better show up too, cause I’ve got my camera trained on that little yellow hat…..

The photos below illustrate how massively fun this Birthday gathering really is — but the next wave of picnic memories will not be limited to just still photos — soon we will be enjoying podcasts instead!

Click HERE for details, time, and directions to our wonderful Birthday potluck gathering.

Hope to see you there.

Much too hasty,